Robert Sinclair Tobacco Company
Norman Sinclair, a director of the Robert Sinclair Tobacco Company of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, had the idea of sponsoring a flying meeting at Gosforth Park to promote the companies new pipe tobacco "Mica Mixture", with flights to neighbouring towns to supply retailers with the new tobacco. The company hired Bentfield Charles Hucks to fly supplies of tobacco in small tins, sealed with an Aerial Delivery label, each day to a nearby town. The intended schedule was: Monday 10th February - Seaham Harbour, Tuesday 11th - Ashington, Wednesday 12th - Consett, Thursday 13th - Chester-le-Street and Pelton, Friday.- Stanley and Saturday 14th - Blyth. However, there was no flight on Monday due to fog, and the delivery to Seaham harbour was made on Tuesday afternoon. On Wednesday the weather had cleared enabling deliveries to be made to Ashington and Blyth, and a delivery to Consett on Thursday. Fog again prohibited flying on Friday and a mechanical fault grounded the aircraft on Saturday. The flights to Chester-le-Street and Stanley were made the following week.

During the 7th North-East Philatelic weekend, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, to mark the 70th Anniversary of the Robert Sinclair Aerial Delivery Flights, a dull violet-blue label, imperf. and without gum, was produced for a re-enactment of the flights between 10-12th June 1983, which carried a special flown cover.
February 1913. First Aerial Delivery.
Sheets of 49 (7 rows of 7). Perf. 11.
No Value
Green. Bleriot monoplane.

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